Christopher and  Joanne are concerned about the serious affects of the Covid-19 Crisis on the dancing business!

Christopher and Joanne have seen how the Covid-19 Crisis has left both competition dancers and dance schools without training and without work for the last four months. For many dancers, they have had to survive this time with no income at all. People are only just able to enter dance studios and start to work and train their way back to normality. It may take us all a long time to recover from these challenging times.

If we all work together, and support each other, we will be able to rebuild the dance business that we love. It may take some time and some hard work, but dancers are never afraid of hard work, and we live every day with strong spirits and great imagination. Let’s use our courage and our strength to start a new journey towards a modern and united dance business. .

Dance Dynamic has decided to support the dancers by providing online dance tuition to those who cannot travel, who feel abandoned and unable to develop their dancing, and for those who cannot afford to pay for face-to-face lessons at the moment. There will also be a world tour of lectures designed to provide great, clear, and reliable information at a price you can afford.

To enquire about participation in online lessons and lectures, make sure that you contact our Dance Dynamic PA at @dancedynamicltd on Facebook Messenger (If you have FB Messenger activated, you can use the Messenger button in the bottom right of this page. Otherwise, go directly to your own Messenger account and contact from there)

or by email on