The magic team

Welcome to our incredible team! With the Dance Dynamic team, your dancing is in safe hands. Simply join us on a journey to success, and you will be a Dance Dynamic convert before you know what happened!

Our mission...

Our mission is to develop the dance world through innovation and example, while never losing sight of our elders' commitment to integrity, morality, and ethics. We are dedicated to progress, great foundations, and personal development. This is the Dance Dynamic way.

Christopher Hawkins
Former Open British and World Professional Ballroom Champion

Joanne Bolton-Hawkins
Former Open British and World Professional Showdance Champion

Laura Noble
Personal Assistant

Our Logo
Dance Dynamic

A Brief History...

Our collaboration was created when two champions from completely different styles came together and developed the techniques to control the dynamics of Ballroom Dancing.


Don't be afraid to dream! - Christopher


Living in a spiral obsession - Joanne


Working hard to make your dreams come true - Laura


Adjective. (of a process or system) characterised by constant change, activity, or progress.
(of a person) Positive in attitude and full of energy and good ideas.